Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Tutor

Finding a tutor

When your child has been struggling in the classroom, it will be very important for the parent to find help as soon as possible. Once all school-provided assistance has been tried and has failed, it may be time to look outside the school and find additional help quickly before your child is unable to recover.

Many parents turn to private or group tutoring to try and solve this problem. However, each family has different needs and when looking for assistance for your child, it is essential that these needs are met. You need to be sure of what you want and expect from the tutor in order to search for the right skills.

This guide has been created to help you in this crucial decision-making process.

  • Check the household budget
    While your child can definitely benefit from a tutor’s assistance, this service can often be very expensive especially if the budget is tight. You need to first check how much the family can afford to pay each month and then look for tutoring services that are within your means.
  • Know your goals
    Ask yourself or your child’s teacher what level of help your child will need and which specific areas you want the tutor to help improve. It’s at this point that you need to also consider your child’s learning style in order to look for a tutor that will be well-matched to your child’s needs. This is when you will decide whether you need in-home, private tutoring or group tutoring.
  • Choose a timeframe
    Consider how long a tutoring commitment you think is necessary to help your child focus on the specific subject that they have a problem in. Making this decision can be influence by your child’s needs, your goals and the household budget. Part of this will include deciding what times you’d like to have the tutoring sessions and this will influence your tutor search.
  • Consider peer tutors
    Studies have shown that most students tend to work better with peer or younger tutors. Sometimes getting assistance from a young tutor who has mastered the subject can actually help students benefit from the service. This is because often these tutors can help explain concepts in a way your child can easily explain and also build a supportive relationship.
  • Look for Tutoring Agencies
    Agencies such as ASA can prove vital in the search for a capable tutor. Most agencies take their tutors through an intensive credential check and rigorous training that ensures that all the tutors on their books are qualified. The agency will also know the type of tutors they have in order to provide you with options of exactly the type of tutors you will need. Finding a tutor through an agency will also help guarantee a certain level of professionalism and upheld standards.
  • Review your options
    Once you have a few tutor options, make sure that you check the credentials and reviews to ensure that the tutor you choose meets all the requirements. When possible, arrange for an interview with the potential tutors and try and ask as many questions as possible. You can also invite your child at some point of the interview to observe the chemistry between both tutor and student. At this point you can also ask the tutor how much cooperation they will need from the family.

Once you’ve completed these points, you’ll be able to easily pick the best option for your child’s academic success!

How to find a tutor