How long after my application will I have to wait before I can start tutoring?

Due to the nature of what we do, we feel that an interview is necessary before we can accept anyone as a tutor. We as ASA conduct telephonic interviews regularly. Once you’ve completed your profile and it has been reviewed, you will have to complete an assessment which will determine your skill set. Lastly, you will receive an email regarding a time for the telephonic interview; make sure that you are available during that time. We realise that you may be very keen to begin tutoring, but we never intend our relationship with tutors to be short-term, and as such do not rush to recruit anyone. If, at any point, your application is unsuccessful, you will receive an email immediately.

Once you have had your interview, you will be contacted within two working days. If successful, you may then view a list of potential students and start accepting tutoring opportunities.

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