10 Reasons to Consider Online Tutoring

The whole system of education has seen a massive upheaval in the last decade or so. Times have changed and a student is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. A traditional classroom has been replaced by private and online tuition classes that offer the students more.

Below are 10 reasons to consider online tutoring:

  1. Flexibility and Convenience

This is one aspect where the online tutors come out as trumps. As a parent, you have the liberty to choose at what time of the day you would like to schedule a class for your child. When you don’t need to drive your child to a specific location and your student can work on their skills at home and at their convenience, everyone wins. So you can get back to your busy schedule and rest easy knowing that your child is getting the personalized support they need.

  1. No Limitations due to Location

Finding a tutor that is proficient and highly-skilled in your area or who is willing to travel to you is not always an easy task. This is where the role of online tutors becomes significant. No matter in which suburb or city you live, you will be able to hire an online tutor. All you need to have is a PC or a laptop along with an internet connection and you are ready to go.

  1. Opportunity to Record & Review Sessions

Online tutoring sessions can be recorded so the student can review lessons to reinforce the concept or approach. The online whiteboards that are used can be saved and downloaded for later use. If you are using a tablet with a pen, writing on a virtual whiteboard is no more difficult than writing with pen and paper. If you are not, you can simply use a mouse or your finger.

  1. Dedicated Homework Assistance

For many families, homework is not a pleasant time of the day. Most parents are not proficient in the various school subjects that their children take and this can lead to a stressful experience trying to help the students understand and complete their homework. This stress can be alleviated by getting a tutor to assist with the specific homework or assignments that the student has. The tutors can help your child get the right answers and develop a deep understanding of the optimum techniques and methods needed for solving the given problems.

  1. High-Quality Tuition at Affordable Prices

Private tutors who travel to you and those at tuition centres will generally cost more when compared to online tutors. Agencies like ASA set prices on an hourly basis. This will give you access to many highly-qualified tutors at more affordable prices.

  1. Creates Engaged Students

Students who may be too shy to ask questions in front of the other students will be able to openly ask their question to an online tutor. This enables a student to develop his questioning skills and in doing so, become more engaged with his subject.

  1. Advanced Engagement with digital programs

The shift toward digital communications isn’t going change anytime soon. Schoolwork is going digital as early as grade school, high school research is done online and most jobs in the workforce require high digital proficiency. Being comfortable with computers and having experience in effectively engaging with technology is important. Giving your child access to technology (outside of social media) can benefit them in the long run. Students are also able to utilize the different technologies which are prevalent today. Online tutoring is the best utilization of the high-tech gadgets like smartphones and tablets instead of using them just for entertainment purposes.

  1. Increased Academic Confidence

If your child is struggling, they may simply be too shy to ask questions in class. Online learning provides a level of anonymity that can create a safety net for these quieter students. According to Care.com, teachers report that students who build up their confidence via online learning eventually begin to ask more questions in class, too. This increased confidence can not only help your student through the rest of the school year but also allow them to perform well in all aspects of life.

  1. Ability to Work at Own Pace

While classroom teachers have a curriculum to stick to and all students do the same work at the same time, one of the great things about online tutoring programs is that your student is allowed to take things at his or her own pace. This means that they can take as much time as they want or need outside of traditional tutoring sessions to focus on and master specific concepts. This helps them to feel more in control of the process and puts them in charge of their education.

  1. Specified Periodic Testing

Throughout the ASA tutoring program, students are tested on the same concepts in a variety of contexts to ensure that they not only have proficiency but also mastery of the material they have learned. This prevents the “parroting effect” that can happen when students just memorize procedures and processes to solve problems without understanding the underlying foundational concepts.

We know that your child’s education is important to you. Online tutoring can indeed provide you with the peace of mind that your child will learn the skills needed to succeed in school and life. With regular feedback, periodic testing and tutor communications, you can feel assured that your child is working towards specific goals that show measurable progress.