ASA offers a comprehensive group tutoring program at various schools in Pretoria and Polokwane. This program is run on Saturdays from 9:30am. Our qualified and trained tutors help students at a 1:5 tutor to student ratio that still provides an intimate learning environment while also helping students further work through any problem areas they may be experiencing.

The tutors provided are taken through extensive group-tutoring training and have leadership qualities that ensure that they are able to facilitate full participation from all students so that each and every student can benefit from the lessons.

The lesson timetable is structured in such a way that each student can attend more than one subject so that students can take full advantage of the program if they need to.

Benefits of Group Tutoring

Inspires creative problem solving

Students who participate in group tutoring sessions have the opportunity to develop ideas and to solve problems collectively, drawing on each other’s understanding of the problem at hand. As students reflect collectively on what worked and what didn’t work they are able to cement the learning for the long term.

Increases collaborative skills

A majority of modern workplaces are looking for highly collaborative staff. A smaller group setting with more support and greater intimacy can be very powerful in showing students the value of collaboration. In a group setting, they learn to work with others and respond more quickly and also have their opinions and ideas valued and questioned.

Promotes healthy competition

Highly effective group tutoring fosters friendships based around learning and mastery and peer groups that are positive and supportive.It’s important for students to connect with peers that will encourage their learning rather than detract from it. In a supported group setting, the students see others understanding aspects of the learning and rather than becoming deflated, they want to get better. Their motivation to compete accelerates their learning. Our tutors work very hard on making sure that the competition remains healthy and all students are supported in their desire to achieve.

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