We are proud to have received many notes of thanks throughout our time in operation. A sample of these is included below.

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Neo Tutor

I have enjoyed working as a tutor under ASA. It is really fulfilling to watch my students reach their goals and gain pride in themselves. It is also very satisfying to see parents happy with their children's improvement and results. I am happy to be a part of this process.

Dr. Khan Client

My son is a perfectionist who was very shy and lacked self confidence.. He was scared to disappoint his teachers, parents or to embarrass himself in front of the class by asking a wrong questions or giving an incorrect answer. You guys have surely helped in building his self confidence.

Nausheen Client
My son was struggling with Maths and for the first time he seems to not only understand the concepts but has also started enjoying the subject. ASA has been available with flexible times that have made my son more motivated and enthusiastic. As the tutors are young and close to his age, he finds it easier to discuss and argue with you guys as compared to an older teacher.
Shai Tutor

I enjoy tutoring and being a part of ASA. The staff are friendly, helpful and very efficient. There is a great sense of professionalism in the company and they also look after their tutors and pay on time.