Our Principles

Although tutoring has often been held in high esteem for assisting students in understanding schoolwork in an environment that creates a more approachable and successful communication system, private tutoring is often viewed as a luxury that can only be afforded by the rich.

We abide by principles that not only help foster successful academic development, but also provide an affordable, quality service.

  1. Tutoring should be used judiciously. Families place a lot of trust in us when they ask how much tutoring their child needs. We believe that a tutor should not upset the balance in a child's life between work and play. 
  2. Tutors should be a victim of their own success. Successful tutors help their pupils to become academically self-reliant. 
  3. Tutoring should be transparent. When it's appropriate, we encourage tutors to coordinate their work with their pupils' schoolteachers and other educational professionals.
  4. Tutoring should not be the preserve of the elite. Not only do we provide an affordable service, we have also started the ASA Foundation that brings tutoring and further education knowledge to students in disadvantaged communities that have previously not been afforded the service and information.