Meet The Team

Shailesh Bhanjee, Founder & Director

A Bachelor of Science graduate in Applied Mathematics from the University of Pretoria, Shailesh's innate knowledge of Maths and the Sciences meant that he was often called upon to help students excel in the three hardest subjects that South Africans have to undertake. This resulted in tutoring knowledge and assistance that spanned over 7 years.

Having helped numerous students and worked in a few tutoring agencies, he noticed the need for a more invasive selection process as well as more integrity within the service provided by most agencies and tutors alike. This prompted his desire to start an agency that not only focused on each individual student's style of learning to help them grasp the information taught, but also stood by principles that ensured that students, parents and tutors were treated and provided with the respect, accountability and transparency that the relationship requires.

As a Golden Key International Honour Society laureate, Shailesh understands the amount of hard work and dedication that is needed to excel in academics at the highest level and it is this passion that he wishes to instill in all the students that place their trust in ASA to help them achieve and exceed their academic goals.


DesRay Ngoasheng, Managing Director & Head of Client Management

DesRay is known as the muscle behind ASA. Not only does she manage the day-to-day running of the company, she also liaises with clients, students and tutors to ensure a smooth execution of all plans and systems. A Bachelor of Arts graduate in English Studies from the University of Pretoria, DesRay also has over 5 years of tutoring under her belt. She has worked within the community outreach projects of companies to provide tutoring to various students where she's been able to assist hundreds of high school students.

A previous job in Marketing where she excelled in the project coordination and management of various campaigns has helped her hone her skills as an effective organizer and manager. This work ethic is what has helped her push ASA to the success it has become. In her free time she writes for an online fitness publication and shares her healthy lifestyle with a number of followers.