Our mission statement is to help our students perform at their best, building long-term academic resilience and life-long intellectual curiosity.

We strive to foster the academic growth and development of all our students by providing a comfortable, supportive environment that encourages intellectual and personal growth to support individual students in achieving their academic goals.

  1. Why Academic Success Achievers?

We provide tutors who are professional, committed and methodical in their teaching. By putting our applicants through a rigorous and extensive interview process, we ensure that only the best tutors are hired to assist students to achieve academic success.

 2. Why was ASA set up?

ASA was founded on the belief and personal experience that has proven time and time again that one-on-one tutoring is a uniquely powerful way to learn. Our mission statement has always been to help our students perform at their best, building long-term academic resilience and life-long intellectual curiosity.

 3. How does ASA select its tutors?

ASA has a rigorous selection procedure. Besides the essential background checks (verifying qualifications and collecting references) the selection process is as follows:

  • Tutors submit an application and are judged on their academic record and their experience. 
  • All tutors we take on are interviewed telephonically where we assess their professionalism, academic ability and character.

 4. Who are the tutors ASA represents?

The tutors we represent are dedicated to their work, and receive outstanding evaluations from their students. After a strenuous screening process, we tend to choose intelligent and likeable tutors who enjoy relating to, and setting high standards for, their students. While it is a truism that intelligence does not make you a good tutor, we like tutors to be passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects so that they can field the most curious of questions from their students. Self-confidence and inspiration derive from such strong relationships we feel. 

  5. How do we monitor the progress of each tuition programme?

We make contact with the parent and tutor after the first lesson to discuss the reactions of both, and to see whether the stated objectives are realistic or need adjusting.

Tutors are expected to submit a daily report detailing the work done in the lesson; the successes and areas to work on; and the work for the following lesson. This is then compiled into a weekly report that we send to parents to notify them of the student's progress.